A Memo to Salespeople on Expectations

This is a memo I wrote to my managers regarding the updating of open potential “deals” inside of our sales software program.  Although this is specific to one task, this is the approach we should take in every part of managing a business. There are two quotes in here from Jocko Willink.  I used them because recently one of the local sales managers introduced some of Jocko’s quotes in a sales meeting.

Here is the memo:.

Pending – The expectation is that a seller will check their pending every morning.  Not a couple of times a week.  Every morning.  It must become a habit; Routine.  Make sure your people know how to check their pending and can complete the task in less than a minute.

When setting expectations, no matter what has been said or written, if substandard performance is accepted and no one is held accountable—if there are no consequences—that poor performance becomes the new standard. – Jocko Willink

I expect that the Pending in Matrix is always correct.  That said, I expect that Tracy will ensure that LSM’s are making sure each day that sellers check their pending every morning.  If Pending is not correct, then it is on the management.

Why is pending important?  It’s important because Pending is a sales tool that a seller uses in order to plan their pathway to their goal.  This is their roadmap.  It tells them how full or empty their pipeline is.  Additionally, it is a way for a seller to communicate to their manager that they have a pathway and are on top of their business.  It enhances trust.  As trust goes up, questions asked by managers of sellers go down.

As Jocko says, “No bad teams. Only bad leaders.”