Wait! Read the story before you judge the picture. This is how I start my day and maybe how you should too.

It’s a new day and a new week! Do you like the picture I shot? Now before you get all offended, pump the brakes because there’s a story.

The glove in this picture is on a fence where I run most mornings. I put it there a few months back as a joke. Now, however, it serves as my daily reminder. A reminder that the world owes me nothing; If it’s gonna be it’s up to me.

I pass the glove when I’m about a mile out from finishing my run. Every time I see it, I imagine hearing the voice of the World talking to me. The voice says “F-U Chris Pruitt! If you want it then you’ve got to earn it every single day.” These words and this view of life might sound harsh to some, but in reality, I know the World loves me and doesn’t want me to become a helpless victim in my own mind. It doesn’t want me to quit whenever life hands me a shit sandwich and says, “Bon Appétit.”

We’re born, and then we die. What happens in the middle is primarily our choice. You’ve only got one shot at making the most of the middle part. Why not make it a work of art. A masterpiece.

Speaking of art. I used to think that with every new day you get a fresh new blank canvass in which to paint, but you don’t. Here’s the deal; One life, one picture. It’s a continual work of art. Our decisions and actions today largely dictate our tomorrow’s. On that one canvass, you paint your life. The size of the canvass is proportionate to the length of your life. There are some who fit a lot of subject matter on that one canvass. there are others who don’t. There will be mistakes along the way. Don’t worry, you’ve not ruined your artwork. I’ve done some painting. And, I know that when you make a mistake all you need to do to fix it is you just let the paint dry, and then you paint over it. It’s the same in life. We learn from mistakes, and if you’re not making some mistakes then I promise you’re not growing. Growth and Comfort do not coexist.

In closing, never forget that you are the artist of your own life. Nobody else. You hold the brush. It’s your painting. See something you don’t like in your life? Well then, paint over it. Think of the air in your lungs as paint on the palette. If you’re breathing, then you’re painting. So, as long as you’ve got paint, then keep on painting. Paint a masterpiece.

Now go find Your Adventure and Live Your Life.

PS – It’s been a few years since I painted my last picture. I’m inspired. I think I’ll call my painting teacher and see if she can work me in. I know exactly what I’m going to paint! I’ll call it, Be #1 Today.

PPS – I actually wrote this for my kids, but I rewrote it to share here.

PPPS – Don’t forget that when you are sitting on your ass, eating Doritos, watching TV, feeling sorry for yourself, you are still painting. Now you are painting pure ugly, but you are nonetheless painting.