The New Abnormal and Teach Your Kids To Save; An idea for your grown children’s stimulus check

Broke my toe yesterday.  Today was a 6-mile walk instead of a run.  It only hurt the first couple of miles.    

In other news, I found a sign.  I brought it home and cleaned it up.  Is it “MH” or “HW”?  Life is about one’s perspective.

Moving on, last week in conversation I was talking to a coworker about all of the money being sent out later this month from the government.  Neither of my sons has been impacted, but they will both get a $1,200 check.  My son Jason will probably spend the money he receives on his truck.  As for my son Walter, he’ll probably buy a guitar.  I was about 40 when I learned the value of saving over spending.  That said, here’s an idea.  I told my boys that I would 100% match their $1,200 check from the government if they agree to let me open them a brokerage account and invest the $2,400.  One caveat though.  They can’t touch it for 5-years.  My hope is that the creation of the investment vehicle will encourage them to continue to save.  Now’s a great time to invest in the market.  I like the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF-VOO.

Any other “set it and forget it” suggestions?  Walter has already said yes, and I am waiting on Jason’s answer.  Saw this bull a little later on in my walk.  Easy fella!  No need to get excited.

Speaking of B.S. I saw a sign on my way in and it caught my attention.  It’s beside a new road being built where I run/walk.

Notice the part where it says, “Made Possible By” and the names of four politicians.  Wow!!!  I had no idea being a mayor, judge or country commissioner paid so well.  Taken literally, I guess they each pitched in roughly a million-four out of their own pockets to build this road.  Well, that’s what the sign said!?!?  Sure, these four politicians, while in their official capacity, might have cooperated on the project, but why name and thank them.  If anybody needs to be thanked it’s the taxpayers who paid for this project.  NOT the politicians.  I sure hope the cost of making this sign was “Made Possible By” either the engineering firm or the contractor (which it probably was).  If I was one of the politicians on this sign, I would have it taken down or corrected.  By the way, I’m not a fan of politics.  Why?  Because gaining power and influence by the transfer of public money into private pockets is the real compensation sought by most who aspire to public office.  There are very few selfless civil servants in this world.

Yesterday I wrote, “Everything’s changed. Will you?” on Mirror Mirror on the Wall.  The way we’ve always done it ain’t gonna cut it now.  Change or die.  One last thought, I keep hearing people say “The New Normal”.  When I hear the word Normal, I think Average.  When I hear Average, I think Mediocrity.  Average and mediocre are not good places to be when times are tough.  In every way, and I do mean every way, the weak are the most vulnerable right now.  It’s time to be Abnormal.  It’s time to find a new way to do business, and we better be doing this with a great sense of urgency.  With that, Welcome To The New Abnormal!  Enjoy your Sunday.