Mel Robbins and the 35-Day Mindset Reset Challenge #MindsetReset

As I have shared, I have been diligently participating in the Mel Robbins 35-Day Mindset Reset Challenge.  Most of what Mel has been covering is a refresher because I have been a fan of Mel Robbins for a while.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mel Robbins, she has a strategy called The 5-Second Rule that helps you to get your butt in gear.  In short, whatever it is you want to do, especially if you really don’t want to do it, You just count backward from 5 and then push yourself into motion.  I had the opportunity to meet Mel back in September at a company conference and the best way I can describe her is that she is genuine.

If you have done much studying on Mel’s teachings, you know she talks about the importance of getting moving in the direction you want to go as quickly as possible.  Don’t wait until everything is exactly perfect.  Just get your ass moving.  Now, I do not know if this is by design (to show us to not let perfection get in our way), but every day through this Mindset Reset Challenge Mel does a live stream on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  And almost every day they have some type of technical issue with getting all of the live streams to work perfectly.  Some might think this is bad form, but I think it is freaking awesome.  I love that this woman and her team is so dead set on bringing her message to the masses that she essentially says, screw the technical hurdles because I’m doing this!  Procrastination, Perfection Pursuit, and Fear stop too many of us dead in our tracks.  If you want to accomplish great things you have to move.

In closing if you struggle with fear, and who doesn’t, I am going to write about that later in the week.  If you want to learn some strategies on getting past fear it is not too late to get involved in Mel’s 35-Day Challenge.  Just go to her website  Fear may just be another emotion, but man can it affect us both mentally and physically.  If you want to see some real fear, this is a video of me right before my 2nd takeoff on the day I did my first solo flight.  Looking back now, it’s kind of funny.  As always, Find Your Adventure and Live Your Life.