Dolomite Is My Name; Nobody to sell to

Probably like you, I’ve watched a lot of Netflix as of late. Last week, I watched a movie starring Eddie Murphy titled, Dolomite is my name.

Rudy Ray Moore, A.K.A. Dolomite, was a semi-successful musician and entertainer whose prime had passed. His career had slowed and he was now working as an emcee in a bar. His main job was introducing the next band in a small bar. From time to time he tried out his one-liner jokes on the audience.

The show opens with Rudy being told by Snoop Dogg that he and Rudy had missed their chance to make it big and it was time to settle.

Later, Rudy crosses paths with some homeless guys in his neighborhood who told crazy stories in rhyme. The guys shared their stories, and Dolomite polished them into a brand new comedy style.

Rudy practiced his new comedy routine and had it down pat. He pitched it to promoters, but they said, “No thanks.” At one point, Rudy is meeting with a producer. Rudy had recorded his new act. After listening to the record, the producer says, “Sorry, but you’ve got a product you can’t sell or promote.”

I’ve felt that same way as of late. I manage tv stations. Right now, the viewership of our stations is through the roof. Unfortunately, with businesses shut down due to the virus, the advertising side of my business is stalled.

As a salesperson, it really hurts when you’ve got an awesome product to sell and no one to sell to. I’m ready for what’s next. It’s coming. I’ve already made the decision that things will change this week. I’m ready to be skippin’ meals and makin’ deals. I’ll bet you are too.