An Investment Is An Expense With A Goal: The answer to building discipline

Here’s a little something I wrote this morning: If you’re a person who struggles with discipline, perhaps it’s because you see whatever you’re trying to accomplish as being an expense rather than an investment. How do you know? Ask yourself the question, does what I’m doing feel like I’m building something, or does it just feel like I’m trading X for Y. An even trade. Same same.

I’ve been asked where my discipline comes from. My answer is that I attach goals to the work that I do; Especially the stuff that I don’t enjoy. Doing this builds my will to endure and my ability to suffer. The more it sucks, the more I think about the feeling of getting closer to and reaching my goal. Example, my daily workouts. If I’m not training for something, then it’s very hard for me to consistently do the work. I needed to start running again after my surgery, so a few weeks ago I signed up for a virtual half-marathon which I’ll run next Sunday. Doing that has made all the difference. On top of that, I have a few buddies who signed up too. That amped up the accountability as well.

Right now, with this virus, I’m betting there are a lot of people struggling with either staying engaged or re-engaging on many pieces and parts of their life. They’re probably asking themselves the question, is it worth it? Well, that’s a question only you can answer, and you need to answer it because until you do it’ll be hard to be happy.

Like you, many of my goals that felt close at the start of this year just got further away. I can feel sorry for myself, or I can suck it up and get my ass back to work. Shit happens. You can’t quit. Every time you quit it gets easier to quit later on. Some people say you win or lose. I think you win or learn. Now more than ever, there is real truth in that which does not kill you makes you stronger.

Life these days is a test. It’s tough, but you are tougher. An investment really is an expense with a goal. I hope you Find Your Adventure and Live Your Life.