Life Outside of the Comfort Zone

BMF Adventure Club was created to give me and other people who regularly step outside of the comfort zone a place to gather online and tell their stories.  It is also a place to provide encouragement, inspiration, and direction to those who want to take that first step.  Two people encouraged me to take my first step and now I am 100% confident that my life’s calling is to help others the same way I was helped several years ago.

Although I write most of the content on this website, I hope to grow it one day to a point where most of the stories I share will come from others. Click on Blogs to read my posts and stories.

It takes a lot of courage to step outside of the comfort zone because it is, well, uncomfortable.  However, comfort and growth do not coexist.

So for now, BMF Adventure Club is just a name and idea dedicated to sharing stories, advice, insight, tips, and inspiration for personal growth and getting more out of life.  I do some public speaking and I have information on how to contact me below.

PS - If you want to find out why it's called BMF Adventure Club, you can find the answer HERE .


The Tough Mudder team that pulled me through the course. Real BMF's here.

Next Steps...

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