Since 1993

Life Outside of the Comfort Zone

BMF Adventure Club was created to give me and other people who regularly step outside of the comfort zone a place to gather online and tell their stories.  It is also a place to provide encouragement, inspiration, and direction to those who want to take that first step.  Two people encouraged me to take my first step and now I am 100% confident that part of my life’s calling is to help others the same way I was helped several years ago.

Although I write most of the content on this website, I hope to grow it one day to a point where most of the stories I share will come from others. Click on Blogs to read my posts and stories.

It takes a lot of courage to step outside of the comfort zone because it is, well, uncomfortable.  However, comfort and growth do not coexist.

So for now, BMF Adventure Club is just a name and idea dedicated to sharing stories, advice, insight, tips, and inspiration for personal growth and getting more out of life.  I do some public speaking and I have information on how to contact me below.

PS - If you want to find out why it's called BMF Adventure Club, you can find the answer HERE . Being a BMF is a temporary state of mind that gets you through the moments when you have to dig really deep in order to continue and reach your objective.


The Tough Mudder team that pulled me through the course. Real BMF's here.

Since 1993

Hi and welcome to my website...

I made this website so I could have my own little space on the Internet.

The main parts of this website are my Blog, a page where I keep my Bucket List, and a Gallery of a few of my favorite pictures.

Here's a little about me.  I now live in Houston.  I moved here for work.  I'm in the media business.  The best way to describe what I do is I fix troubled TV stations.  Think of me as Mr.Wolf in Pulp Fiction.  I clean up messes.  I enjoy being given complex problems and then finding a solution. I also like to build high performing teams.

I have three children who I spend most of my time worrying about.  They are grown and awesome kids, but I still worry.  I am a single guy, so that affords me a tremendous amount of flexibility.

Although I do work quite a bit, I also enjoy exploration and adventure.  They say the comfort zone is where dreams go to die.  I guess that's why I try and spend as little time there as possible.